Pygmy Date Palm Tree

Pygmy Date Palm Tree

Pygmy Date Palm Tree


Pygmy Date Palm Tree

The pygmy date palm tree is perfect little specimen.

If you’re looking for a beautiful fine feather leaf palm for indoors or patio containers consider planting one or more of these.

They are easy keepers. This little tree will add a touch of class to any location you choose.


A striking species native to Asia and grows in tropical areas.

It is widely used as an ornamental plant for landscaping, container growing and indoors as a house plant.

Quite often you will see them for sale as multiples, but single trees are also available.

It prefers warmer temps so if you are considering this tree for your landscape it may be best to keep it in a pot.

If your nightly temperatures get even close to the freezing point move it indoors in the cooler months.

They are great for growing in containers for many reasons.

They will thrive in everything from part shade to full sun making it easy to place inside. With part shade they will slow their growth some.

The pygmy date palm tree will grow in a variety of different soils.

They are slow-medium growing and don’t really get any taller than 10 feet or so when fully mature and planted in soil, shorter if planted in a pot.

The small root ball means you can pick a nice container and not have to re-pot for many years if at all.

As a plant that is used to tropical type weather it will require regular watering and misting to replace the humidity it requires.

Quick Info

Scientific name: Phoenix roebelinii

>10-15 ft tall, 6-8 ft wide, in soil, single trunk

>Minimum temp 30 F, zones 9-11

>light shade to full sun

>soil from neutral to acidic, likes some organic matter mixed in

>thrives with regular watering and feeding

Planting Pygmy Date Palms

For containers: plant in a pot with a drain hole and place gravel or stone in the bottom.

They require moisture, yes, but should have well drained soil so their roots aren’t sitting in water.

Feed with a palm fertilizer/ mineral mix or with a palm fertilizer spike.

If your soil is more alkaline it’s best to watch for a possible manganese or potassium deficiency. Feeding regularly with the proper fertilizer will eliminate these.

Another bonus is they are pest and disease tolerant making it easy for even a novice grower.


Although this tree appears delicate in the leaves and trunk, it is actually quite strong.

It doesn’t require much if any pruning. They have self releasing leaves. You may want to remove any that have turned completely brown and not fallen off. Be a bit careful pruning as they do have some thorns to keep predators away in the wild. You are safe to prune off the biggest thorns if you like.

It will produce both flowers and fruit. If you do not want to deal with the falling blooms or fruits then just prune them off once they emerge. It will produce fruit-which are dates. You can eat them they are just on the small side.

In all: that makes the pygmy date palm tree an easy palm to grow. Simple for adding that “little slice of paradise” almost anywhere you decide.

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