The Chinese fan palm

The Chinese fan palm

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Fountain palm

Livistona chinensis -  (Chinese Fan palm)



Palm description:


The Chinese fan palm, or fountain palm (Livistona Chinensis ), is a hardy, slow-growing tree that derives its nickname from the fountain-like way its leaves droop down from the crown. Though native only to China and Japan, they’ve since become common across the world because of their adaptability and toughness; in fact, in parts of Florida, they’re considered an invasive species. This is among the tougher species of palm – unlike most, it can tolerate cold and drought, making it a good outdoor palm for those who don’t live in the tropical heat most require. At its peak, the Chinese fan palm can reach thirty to forty feet tall, but in cultivation, it is kept much smaller and many gardeners grow them inside as potted houseplants. Their leaves grow in circular, segmented fans, and develop spines when they’re young that they lose as they mature. These wide and attractive leaves can range from a deep green to a more bluish green, and they produce small yellow flowers and black fruits when they bloom in the growing season. This is a good palm for beginners because of its hardiness.


Palm characteristics:


  • Light:  is best, but it can live in partial shade as well.
  • Water: These palms are drought tolerant and many live in dry areas like Texas and New Mexico. Though it does need some water, its watering can be scaled back once the growing season ends (especially if the plant is being kept indoors). Make sure not to overwater, or you risk killing it.
  • Temperature: One of the few frost resistant palm trees, the Chinese fan palm can tolerate temperatures as low as 20 F.
  • Soil: The palm can grow in any well-drained potting mix, and it tolerates many different growing media.
  • Fertilizer: This slow-growing palm can grow faster if regularly , which also will prevent it from developing a nutritional deficiency. An 8-2-12 palm fertilizer is best, and fertilization is even more important if it’s grown outside.

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