Bismarckia nobilis

Bismarckia nobilis

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Bismarck palm

Grown for its striking foliage color and texture, Bismarckia nobilis (Bismarck Palm) is an evergreen palm adorned with a thick trunk topped by a broad rounded head of gorgeous, stiff, intensely steel-blue, fan-shaped fronds, 4 ft. long and wide (120 cm). The persistent leaf bases are split, creating an attractive pattern on the trunk. Easy to grow, Bismarck Palm is dioecious, with separate male and female plants. The dark brown female inflorescences are followed by brown fruits about 1.5 in, across (3cm). Bismarck Palm grows rather slowly when young but once it develops a trunk, growth rate is more moderate. Easy to care for, Bismarck Palm can regrow from rare freezes to 25°F (-4°C). It has exceptional tolerance of high, dry heat and is perfectly adapted to the low desert areas. The bold texture and color and eventual great height of this species make a strong and dramatic statement in any landscape. Grow it where its stout trunk and incredibly beautiful canopy can show off - in rows along driveways or as a specimen plant in a lawn.

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